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MagicSigma started on May 27, 2012, with a vision to add value to customers using innovation and technology. Even though we started into a web design and development company, we slowly grew into a full-scale internet business that focuses on solving end-user problems.

We now invest our time and energy to solve social problems in the better way possible, using the latest technology and continuous research & innovation. We created a few consumer-focused web products that serve more than 1 million users every month and help them to make their living easier.

We always believe in continuous learning, research, and innovation. We are actively looking to find areas to improve with the help of technology and simplify the process for common people.

Right now, we are working on a few more verticals in different industries and continuing our research & innovation.

You can read about our brands, check the services we offer or send us a message / query here.

Our Brands

We are constantly trying to solve social problems and improve people's lives with the help of innovation and technology.  We often invest in new businesses by either developing them from scratch or acquiring them from marketplaces and improve them to offer better service to the users.

A few of the recent in-house products are listed below. (Also, we are working on a few more of them right now.)

BrandFlip BrandFlip

BrandFlip is a premium domain store that offers high-quality hand-picked premium names for startups/businesses across various industries.

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DownStatus DownStatus

DownStatus is a real-time outage and website status tracker. It tracks more than 10k services and 100k websites in real-time and alerts users while their favorite service/website goes down.

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Fitversity Fitversity

Fitversity is a specialized social network for fitness enthusiasts. It will provide authentic fitness-related news/information, curated by certified professionals.

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Cricket360 Cricket360

Cricket360 is a cricket social network that will provide the latest cricket news, live cricket score, and match information etc.

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Please get in touch with us, if you have an idea or suggestion to discuss with us.

Our Services

We help startups/small businesses to  turn their great ideas into beautiful websites, SAAS products, and services. We work with like-minded entrepreneurs and help them to achieve their goals and move ahead with their vision in every possible way we could.

We offer the below-mentioned services time-to-time, while we don't work on our in-house projects. Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea and to know our availability.

Web Development

We design and develop high-functioning websites/web applications using the latest tools and technologies. We always develop products with the best user experience and clean user interfaces.

Branding Consultation

With our vast experience in the branding world, we help businesses to create a brand for themselves from scratch. We offer a complete branding solution, right from picking a business name to launching a web business and promoting it.

Domain Name Acquisition

As a company that owns and traded more than 5000 domains, we help you to acquire the domain of your choice for the best price possible, without you having to worry about practical/technical problems.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer complete end-to-end SEO solutions for your business, as we invest a lot of time & money to learn the latest SEO methods and test them with our portals. 

Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea/requirement.

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